Find out how to make money on TikTok, how to use TikTok for marketing, how to make money on TikTok live, and more…

Find out how to make money on TikTok, how to use TikTok for marketing, how to make money on TikTok live, and more…

There are several ways to make money on TikTok, the social network’s video-sharing portal, some accidental and some quite sophisticated.

Big winners can inspire you, but you’re probably not going to start at the top. This article outlines what you need to do to build an audience, then how to capitalize on your numbers by selling merchandise, getting sponsors, offering consulting services, and more.

Businesses can pay anywhere from $200 to $20,000 for a branded video and a lot depends on the number of followers the producer has. When you get over 100,000 views per video, you can join the TikTok Creators Fund and start earning pennies per 1,000 views. It can add up, but you need the numbers.


How to become a TikTok content creator?

First, you need to download the app on your phone and create a TikTok account. Then, once your TikTok profile is set, you can start producing, customizing, and sharing your videos.

Remember, you don’t need a million followers to start making money from your videos. There are content creators who make money with just 10,000 followers.

There are two types of TikTok accounts: the pro account and the standard TikTok account. With the pro account, you have access to analysis tools that allow you to better know your videos and your followers. For example, you can see your traffic sources, profile visits, and views.

The regular TikTok account, on the other hand, lacks the analytics dashboard. But don’t worry, because you can switch to any account you want within the app.

How to get followers and become famous on TikTok?

1. Focus on a niche

Before you start posting on TikTok, it’s best to identify the content you’re passionate about. For example, do you love fashion and design? Are you a graphic designer, photographer, or even an accountant? Maybe an actor?

Since there are a lot of people dancing and offering advice on food and cooking, you better find other topics. It will help you stand out from the crowd.

The best idea is to focus on a niche that your audience enjoys. Having a content strategy is a great way to be consistent and create videos consistently. Point 2 should be part of your strategy.

2. Regularly create quality TikTok videos

Invest in quality videos, which means you need to have excellent video editing skills .

3. Use trending sounds.

Your videos will be accompanied by music selected at random by TikTok. You can opt for the generic sounds or select the “trending sounds”, which come from a playlist of songs that were trending at the time you were making the video.

Trending sounds are a way to get your TikTok videos to appear on a user’s “For You” page, which means more organic viewers and followers. Also, if your content ends up on the FYP, it means that new TikTok users will see your content.

4. Use trending hashtags

Just like trending sounds, trending hashtags will help your videos reach FYP on TikTok. Plus, hashtags make your content easier to discover.

5. Share your videos on other social media platforms

Another way to gain followers is to share your videos on other platforms.

Video owners should share their videos with the audiences that are most likely to like the content and follow it, such as Facebook groups, Reddit communities, and of course, your accounts that have the most followers.

6. Duo with other TikTok creators

When you’re getting started on a new social platform, the words used to describe actions and features can be unfamiliar. Like “duo” on TikTok. The duo consists of filming themselves next to another person’s video and imitating what they are doing or adding their own flavors by reacting.The goal is to produce an engaging video, but also to leverage the other person’s followers. Also, collaborating with other TikTok influencers is a great way to draw attention to your TikTok profile.

7. Follow other TikTok users

Keep in mind that it’s not just about you. Following other users on the app is also a great way to gain new followers, unless you only follow super famous people. Look for people who, like you, are just starting out or who already have a few thousand followers.

Make time every day to grow your follower count by helping others grow theirs.

How many followers does it take to make money?

If you are a TikTok user, chances are you are wondering how people make money on this platform. TikTok is a video app that lets content creators create short videos — and those 60-second videos can go viral in the blink of an eye.

If you are lucky and this happens to you, congratulations! However, followers and hits mean money and you should strive to get both.

How to make money on TikTok

With viral videos and TikTok creators gaining followers at an astounding rate, the question arises, “how do you make money on TikTok?”

You can monetize your account at any time and with any number of followers, depending on the monetization strategy you choose. For example, you can earn money by selling products to the number of followers you have.

1. Sell goods

Are you a TikTok user and have products to sell? One way to make money on TikTok is to sell your products. Tiktok has a feature for TikTok creators to add a link to their profile. You can add a link to your e-commerce site and create content around your products.

For example, you can show behind the scenes of the manufacturing or packaging of your products.

If you can get a good amount of traffic to your store, you can  make good sales .

2. Post sponsored content

Influencer marketing is another way to make money on TikTok. You can approach the brands, or in some cases the brands can approach you to do a sponsored video. This means they will pay you to post a branded video. 

One way to get started as a TikTok influencer is to hire an influencer agency. Influencer agencies connect TikTok content creators with brands and provide access to influencer campaigns.

You can also check out other TikTok influencers for tips on how to land endorsement deals.

How much money can you make with sponsored posts on TikTok?

You can earn $200-$20,000 per branded content.

3. Offer consulting services

Are you a consultant or a coach? In this case, you can use TikTok to offer your services. For example, if you’re a pro at using Instagram for business or you’re an expert in personal finance, you’re using this social media platform to attract your customers.

4. Managing Tiktok Ads

Like any other social media site, TikTok has an Ads Manager for business. And oftentimes running paid ads can prove to be a daunting task for many businesses that want to market on TikTok. So if you’re an ad guru, you can help businesses run successful campaigns on TikTok.

You can learn more about TikTok for business and post videos on how you handle ads to get more customers.

5. Earn freebies from TikTok live streams

TikTok offers virtual items in the form of coins and gifts, which you can redeem on the platform.

You can earn these digital gifts through TikTok live streams. Livestreams on TikTok allow you to spend one-on-one time with your followers. However, to go live, you must have at least 1,000 followers.

When you are live, your followers can reward you with gifts to exchange for “diamonds”. Your followers buy these virtual gifts with real money, and they can send them to their favorite creators during live streams. You can cash out your diamonds in a PayPal account as soon as you have reached the minimum of €100.

6. Manage TikTok Top Creators

When TikTok gained popularity, many people including well-known celebrities joined the craze. However, some are newbies who rose to fame on TikTok and amassed millions of followers overnight. And since they have a lot to do, some are ready to hire a manager to manage their TikTok account.

If you’re great at helping celebrities and creators on TikTok keep up with trends, you can run your business as a TikTok manager. This position is similar to any other social media management position.

7. Rejoignez le programme TikTok “Creator Fund”

Do you have a minimum number of 100,000 followers on TikTok? In this case, you can qualify for monetization of your account through the Creators Fund and start earning money, just like creators earn money with a YouTube channel. TikTok pays creators to thank them for creating content on the platform.

With the TikTok Creator Fund, you can earn money per video view, which means if you have a huge number of followers and get a high number of views, then the chance to earn more money.

This strategy, if you make money on TikTok, can be lucrative once you are a TikTok star. And that means you need to have quality content that can reach at least a million views.

Plus, you can use this strategy to make money alongside another stream of income like influencer marketing.

How to Copyright Protect TikTok Videos

While creating video content and posting it to social media platforms can be a fun way to make money, it comes with its own set of challenges.

One of them is copyright infringement. This means there is a risk of someone using your content without permission.

So how do you manage your video licenses?

It is recommended to work with a company to protect the content and establish licensing agreements with the right contacts, as it can be difficult to navigate this space.

When looking for a company to work with, make sure they will claim copies of your videos on social platforms. This allows you to retain ownership of your content and ensure that no one uses it without paying license fees.

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