HOW TO BECOME RICH THE IDEAL ROAD TO SUCCESS: There are a lot of misconceptions about entrepreneurship and business on the internet, and today I am go

HOW TO BECOME RICH THE IDEAL ROAD TO SUCCESS: There are a lot of misconceptions about entrepreneurship and business on the internet, and today I am going to destroy them, one by one.

The online world is quite confusing when it comes to personal finance and business advice or whatever, the word entrepreneur is massively overused and the effort required to get rich is vastly underestimated.

Today I’m going to go over the most common misconceptions about money, wealth , and entrepreneurship. This article is not for everyone, in fact I would say that very few of you will take this article seriously and take action with this claim. This article is not meant to disappoint or discourage you from starting a business or trying to make money in any way.


So if you’re ready, let’s start now.

Everyone can be an entrepreneur , I believe that entrepreneurship can be a real talent. Some people are good at playing an instrument, some are good at playing a certain sport, some are good at math, and some are good at building and growing businesses, but what does a talent look like? entrepreneur.

A talented entrepreneur is someone who is very good at analyzing other people

Why because it has everything to do with selling , trading and identifying pain points and problems in the market to sell or trade you need to understand what is going through someone’s mind other.

You need to know if he is telling the truth, if you can raise the price or if you should lower it and many other nuances, people don’t always mean what they say as you probably know.

For example, someone may say they are not interested in this product when in fact they are pushing you away because they had a bad day or maybe they are saying the same thing but he actually wants the product but just doesn’t have the money.

Understand the problems and frustrations of others

Gives you the tools you need to develop a product that will actually sell; because no one is going to buy something that doesn’t help them at all. You also need to be innovative.

Indeed, if the product is already successfully sold in the market by a bunch of companies, there will be too much competition and you will not get any market share. So there are people who are born entrepreneurs, it’s just the way their brain is wired. Does that mean you can’t become an entrepreneur if you don’t have this natural talent?

You can be a good tennis player but you’ll probably never be better than those who were born to do it, you know what I mean. Anyone can develop the skills needed to become an entrepreneur but the truth is this you need a lot of time consuming skills especially at the beginning of your journey.

Sacrifice is necessary to get rich

It’s not just about being talented, it’s also about having a good work ethic and being willing to sacrifice short-term fun for long-term fulfillment and happiness.

The first reason why the business world is difficult is that it requires a lot of sacrifices: 

It’s the price you have to pay if you want to be successful, and that’s why it’s not for everyone. I once read a book that advised people to make a list of the things in their lives that they weren’t willing to sacrifice in exchange for their success, and I already know some people are going to say, I’m willing to literally anything.

To succeed, think again, because it is certainly not true. Are you really willing to give up your mental or physical health to succeed? And your family ? Your friends ? They are probably on your list. Friends who are not close. Free time, Weekends. 

The amount of sacrifices is directly proportional to the level of success you will achieve. The more you sacrifice, the more you succeed. Is luck involved? To say that luck has no role would be stupid. They say success happens when work ethic meets opportunity. 

This means you have to work hard to identify opportunities and be present when they arise. You are more likely to be present at the right time if you are present all the time.

But business is not only difficult because you have to work a lot, and endure certain levels of pain again, the greater the success you want to achieve, the more pain you will have to endure.

An innovative entrepreneur

If you are the dominant force in your specific niche, be sure that there is always someone trying to get your piece of the pie. You can’t really trust everyone and people will turn their backs on you or waste your time. 

The reason you have to constantly reinvent yourself is that there is always something going on, if you don’t innovate someone else will and get ahead, if you stay the same, you have no chance of staying for years to come. 

Just look at the biggest corporations and businesses you know, even companies like Google and Facebook have to reinvent themselves daily. 

Look at how much they’ve changed in the last two months, let alone the last two years. Where does the pain come from? One of the hardest things in business is bearing the pain of not achieving your goals and knowing that you could have done better. 

How long will it take to achieve something, look at tesla for example the car company and even SpaceX the aerospace company Elon Musk, are very public about their goals which obviously have deadlines. 

That’s not to say he always achieves them in fact Elon is the first to say that they are sometimes too optimistic about their goals. Also there is a lot of problem solving involved imagine being in a constant game of chess. 

That’s the business world you always have to be creative to solve problems and find unique solutions and if you don’t you go bankrupt, it’s stressful, to say the least, it’s is that it takes a long time. 

Many entrepreneurs agree on this definition: entrepreneurship is the ability to endure pain for long periods of time. Another good definition is: the person who stays focused the longest wins the most.

It’s true in a competitive environment you can be as talented as you want, but if I work harder than you, I will always win. 

Internet users like to claim that it is possible to cheat and find shortcuts, but that is not the case in business, shortcuts will become burdens that will threaten the survival of your organization. When you take shortcuts, you skip crucial parts of problem solving and skill building. It’s like giving a million euros to a poor man, he doesn’t have the skills to multiply that money, which means he’s probably going to spend it all.

How soon will I become rich?

So you have to take your time, but how much time is really necessary? It depends on many factors: where you live, the company, your initial capital and, to some extent, luck. I would say that anyone who promises you to go from zero to a million euros in less than two or three years is lying to you; she’s also probably selling some kind of course, like these gurus do all the time.

Here’s what I mean. If you want to employ people right away and buy an office as well as expand with investments, you definitely need a big budget to start with, not to mention equipment budget and space for hardware especially if you want make something. 

But many businesses can be started without any money at all , especially online businesses. You can find your first clients as a freelancer, then save that money and reinvest it back into the business, then you can find a partner to save even more money and start delegating things like doing invoices, finding and managing new customers, doing the actual work and so on Service-based businesses are generally the easiest to start without capital. 

Am I saying that people who say they can’t start a business because they don’t have money are making excuses? yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. many types of businesses are easy to start from your computer, anytime. 

You don’t need to have connections to start a business. A good network is definitely a huge plus, but it’s not a requirement. You can build your own network, as you’ve probably heard your network is your net worth basically, staying around prosperous minded people will influence you to become like them. you are the ones you hang out with. 

To create a strong connection with successful people it has never been easier you have tools like linkedin or even facebook or instagram and if those don’t work with you you can always find clients and then get connections from them as well as references. You just have to be creative and do it even though it may feel uncomfortable at first.

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