GET PAID TO LISTEN TO MUSIC:Check out these 17 options for getting paid to listen to music. These can be side businesses or full-time income opportuni

GET PAID TO LISTEN TO MUSIC:Check out these 17 options for getting paid to listen to music. These can be side businesses or full-time income opportunities.


For all music lovers out there, did you know you can get paid to listen to music? It sounds like a dream job. Music is entertaining, it is enjoyed by many people, and it can also have health benefits, including improving mood, reducing anxiety , and decreasing fatigue, among others.

Most of these get paid to listen to music websites are an opportunity to earn extra money so you can listen to music in your spare time as a side hustle , but there are also full-time and stable jobs on the list!

This is a collection of the finest platforms, applications, and websites that enable you to earn money by listening to music.

1. Push playlist

Playlist Push pays you to be a music curator. Earning money and exploring new musicians to incorporate in your music playlist can be achieved through reviewing songs and listening to music online.

Their platform collaborates with almost 1,000 curators to assist artists in elevating their music to a higher standard.

You’ll earn €12 per song review and you can request instant payment whenever you want.

Discovering new music and supporting the independent artist community are some of the things you can expect with Playlist Push.

2. Radio earn

Radio Earn is a way to earn extra money by listening to the radio. As a website proprietor, you have the option to incorporate the Radio Earn API onto your website, and in doing so, receive payment whenever other users tune into the radio through your site.

The longer you listen to Radio Earn, the more money you can earn.

You get paid in points every 15 minutes, and the points can be redeemed for cash the following month through an Amazon gift card, bank transfer, or bitcoin payment .

Radio Earn membership is free and open to users worldwide.

3. Hitpredictor

HitPredictor is really cool the way it works, helping you use your influence to have a direct impact on new music before it’s even released. You can help predict the next hit!

You will earn points by rating music online. ➡ You can also earn points by recommending your friends to join HitPredictor.

When you’re ready to redeem your points, you’ll head to their prize store where you can redeem your points for weekly and monthly e-card sweepstakes for Amazon.

4. Slicethepie

SlicethePie bills itself as the largest paid review site online . They pay you for your opinion on music, clothes , and more. Your review is forwarded to unsigned artists so they can get an unbiased review of their music.

They paid over $6.8 million to appraisers!

Once you have registered for free, you can choose the category you wish to evaluate. For example, you can choose the music.

For song reviews, you’ll need to listen to at least 90 seconds of the music and then rate what you heard on a scale of one to ten.

SlicethePie uses a rating system to evaluate your reviews in comparison to those of other reviewers.The higher your star rating, the more money you can earn per review.

Once your balance reaches €10, you can withdraw via Paypal.

5. Current rewards

Current Rewards pays you to listen to music. Search over 100,000 radio stations and earn points when you listen to them. You can exchange the points you accumulate for gift cards, electronics, tangible items, or contribute them as charitable donations.

Earning extra money by listening to music is made simple with this method. All you need to do is play the music provided by Current Rewards, and the amount you earn increases with the amount you play.

According to Current Rewards, you can earn up to €600/year.

6. Research FM

Research FM is a music research company that pays you for your opinion on music. In return, they use this consumer opinion to advise radio stations.

The site does not have a form to apply for a job, but you can visit the Contact page to send a message and find out more about the opportunities.

7. Cash4minutes

Cash4minutes pays you to listen to Internet radio.

You earn extra money by making phone calls and your unused phone minutes at the end of the month are monetized. Here’s how it works:

First, you register and set up your profile. You add the phone numbers from which you will dial. Then choose a phone number to dial and make a test call. You will dial a number to listen to an internet radio station and earn every minute of listening.

There are several options to choose from to get paid, including PayPal , Bitcoin, wire transfer, and more. By utilizing several phone numbers to make calls, you can accelerate your earnings at an even greater pace.

Since 2014, Cash4minutes has given out millions of payments and their website contains numerous favorable reviews from satisfied customers.

8. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a multi-faceted site that connects you with opportunities to earn money by performing online tasks like:

  • Listen to music 
  • Watch videos
  • Buy online
  • Respond to surveys

You can earn additional money through various methods such as the ones demonstrated above, and Swagbucks provides an opportunity for you to get paid for listening to music on the internet.

After joining Swagbucks, you will have instant access to the entire site where you can choose your favorite opportunities and start earning right away.

Every task you complete earns you SB, which is the currency of Swagbucks. Think of them as reward points. Accumulate points in your balance and then you can redeem them for rewards like gift cards or PayPal cash.

9. Lifepoints

Lifepoints , like Swagbucks, is a website that pays you to complete tasks.

You can register for free and get access to the website where you can choose the tasks you want to work on. For every task you perform, you will get paid.

10. Music xray

Music Xray provides music reviewer opportunities for music composers and new artists. After signing up and being approved, you will be able to participate in the Opportunity Marketplace where you can select music review opportunities to earn money.

You earn money by providing music reviews and cash out your PayPal balance when it reaches €20.

You’ll see requests for things like:

  • Music reviews
  • Playlistage radio
  • Career advice
  • Placement of songs

Music Xray is seeking professionals from the music industry to offer evaluations for the item mentioned.

When you sign up, they mention that they are looking for experts who are already paid for their ears. If that’s you, the opportunities to make money listening to music online are there.

11. Music gateway

Music Gateway pays you to become a music curator by earning up to €800 per month. You earn money from your music submissions.

This opportunity is designed for people who have social influence and a large audience for people to send them music to consider for the platform.

As a music curator, you will receive payment for collecting music submissions from your audience. You can use these submissions to create a playlist and then submit it to Music Gateway.

Music Gateway says an income ranging from €20,000 to €40,000 per year is within reach.

12. Earnably

Earnably compensates you for performing simple tasks such as viewing videos and listening to music. Each task you finish will earn you points which can be exchanged for money, gift certificates, wallet codes, and other rewards.

The concept seems quite simple. Complete tasks, earn points and then redeem those points for rewards. An additional way to make money is by recommending your friends and family.

13. Unique rewards

Unique Rewards offers its users the opportunity to earn extra money online by offering small tasks that they pay you to complete. These tasks include:

  • Listen to music
  • Watch videos
  • Sign up for free trials
  • Visit websites
  • Read emails

These are super simple tasks that you can do in your spare time. Sites like Unique Rewards are great for making money in your spare time. You can work as much or as little as you want, earning money online.

There are tons of testimonials on the site of users who have earned over $100 in just a few days completing tasks for Unique Rewards.

If you need guidance after signing up for Unique Rewards, they have tutorial videos that show you how to use the platform, how to cash out, and more.

You will earn money by listening to music from the radio offers available on Unique Rewards. You just need to listen to music and fill in the CAPTCHA every 30 minutes to save your time. These radio offers, as well as other opportunities available on the site, will keep you busy without getting bored, which can help you earn money online.

14. Work at a disco

If you are looking for a stable and/or full-time income listening to music, there is no better opportunity than working in a disco.

Not only will you get paid to listen to music that’s probably playing on the ceiling speaker, but you might be able to listen to music samples throughout the day.

You will benefit from knowing the musical genres well in order to be able to recommend artists and albums to customers. Therefore, listening to music while working could be encouraged.

To find a job in a disco, consult classified ad sites like leboncoin or online job sites like Indeed, or Monster.

15. Become a music reviewer

Working as a music critic or music editor is a job that many people have the opportunity to get. People like it because you don’t need a degree or specialized training most of the time.

Below are several suggestions on ways you can earn money by providing evaluations of music:

  • Create a music blog 
  • Start a music review YouTube channel
  • Start a music-related social media account, like Instagram or TikTok .

The blog is a way to express yourself and share your criticisms about the music you review. Blog start-up costs are low, and top bloggers earn up to $100,000 or more per month. Discover the steps to commence your own blog.

Posting a music review on YouTube or a social media account gives you an opportunity to speak openly about your opinion on various musical genres.

Creating a YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok account doesn’t require any payment, and the majority of other social media platforms are also free to sign up for. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you can produce music-related content.

In 2020, YouTube paid $4 billion to the music industry, with most of it going to user-generated content.

To make the most of your social media account, you should be consistent, connect with your audience and have fun. It could be a fun creative outlet that could turn into a very lucrative business.

16. Become a DJ

Do you know how to use music and audio equipment?

You could be paid to listen to music, playing the role of DJ for events such as weddings, parties and conferences.

Here are 5 ways to become a DJ:

  • Choose a musical medium to work with and build this collection
  • Expose yourself and get to know different types of music
  • Study basic DJ skills
  • Study the DJ tools and software used by top DJs
  • Join a music program that can help you refine your technique and help you develop your skills to become a DJ

Depending on how successful your career is, DJs can make millions by getting paid to listen to music. However, the median income of a DJ is around €49 per hour.

17. Work from home

One of the simplest methods to earn money while listening to music is by working remotely from home.

No matter what industry you work in, there will likely be an opportunity to listen to a radio station or your favorite music streaming platform while you work in your home office.

Not to mention that some employers where you report to work in person may also let you listen to your favorite music while you work.

As mentioned earlier in this article, music is great for setting the mood. Listening to music while working from home has also been shown to increase productivity.

If you’re not already working from home, you can find work-from-home jobs at these places:

Can you get paid to listen to Spotify?

Spotify does not pay you directly to listen to music unless you work for Spotify as an employee or contractor in a music listening role.

But there may be opportunities to work alongside Spotify for playlist curation and other related work, like the concert offered by Playlist Push.

Ready to get paid to listen to music?

There are multiple ways to receive payment for listening to music, as you may have noticed. Even though the earnings may not be substantial, it’s an enjoyable means of earning some additional income by engaging in an activity that you already enjoy.

If you are a music lover, you should check out these sites that pay you to listen to music. Join several websites to increase your earnings.

You can’t use these options as your main source of income , but you can use them as a side business to earn some extra cash each month. In order to increase your income, register for several websites.

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