Want to get paid today? Here are tasks you can do to get paid for free today. You have 19 options to earn money“

Want to get paid today? Here are tasks you can do to get paid for free today. You have 19 options to earn money

One of the reasons this economy is attractive is that you can work and get paid today.


With just a phone or computer, you now have access to many instant pay job apps and websites.

I want to talk about online jobs from home that allow you to earn fast money by doing easy tasks , whether it’s taking online surveys, playing video games , testing applications or write blog posts.

These are tasks that anyone can perform without much training or even a college education. Let’s go.

You need money now, don’t you? Here are 19 ways to get paid fast:

Find free money today

In today’s economy, fueled by the internet and consumerism, you can get free money without the hassle. I’m talking about instant cash for things you already do for free.

The list of activities that allow you to earn free money is endless: downloading apps, shopping online , walking , etc.

1. Mingle

If you’re looking for a survey site that rewards you with real money, check out Mingle .

Surveys on the site pay €0.25 to €5 for each survey, with PayPal and gift cards as alternative payment systems.

2. Share your opinions on Maximiles

Maximiles is a reputable market research website that pays people to give their opinion. In fact, the platform pays you to rate and review products and services .

Each survey on the platform earns you up to €3 and you can earn extra money by making referrals.

There are no daily prerequisites and joining is completely free of charge.

3. Earn free money with Airbnb

Instead of letting your spare room go to waste, you can earn extra income from it by listing it on Airbnb. This will attract people who are looking to rent it for a night or a few days.

In addition, you can generate additional revenue by charging for services like laundry and meals. Renting out your car to guests is also another option to increase your earnings through Airbnb.

4. Get Instantly Paid as a Pet/Baby Sitter Today

Pet sitting jobs don’t require much effort from you. This business is especially lucrative for teens , retirees , and stay-at-home moms with kids and pets.

In fact, you will only be caring for one more baby.

If you want to babysit , list your services on nanny-top , where you can earn between €10 and €25 per hour.

On the other hand, register as a pet sitter on the Rover app and earn up to €16/hr.

Earn money online and get paid today

Now you can earn a quick buck working on popular job boards like Fiverr and Upwork .

Here are some of the legit online jobs that will earn you money on these sites:

5. Make money online today with freelance writing

Are you a French speaker by birth? For most freelance or ghostwriting assignments, you only need to be fluent in your native language.

Plus, it’s easy to make a living as a freelance writer on websites like Fiverr . A laptop and a stable internet connection are the only equipment needed for this job.

Compensation is set by the word or by the hour, depending on how long it takes to write a blog or website post.

According to Indeed, freelance writing earns an average of $22.52 per hour.

6. Play games online, get paid now

Another quick way to grow your savings account is to play games on apps like Mistplay . With just a cell phone, you can access new games, play and get paid.

Platforms partner with game and app developers, who pay for game data and other user statistics. You earn money by downloading games, going through different levels and giving gameplay reviews.

The Mistplay app is available for Android users and allows payment through PayPal, Amazon, and Google Play.

7. Make money shopping online

If you regularly shop online, you might be missing out on quick money from refunds. To save money shopping and earn your favorite gift card, shop on sites like  Fabuleos ,  Igraal , and Ebuyclub .

There are no hidden fees and your winnings are paid out via PayPal cash. Also, Igraal and Ebuyclub reward you for successful referrals.

8. Test websites to get paid today

Web testing involves analyzing the performance of a website and providing a detailed review of its usability. This is an easy line job that takes about 15 minutes and requires no special skills.

The daily pay depends on the website you sign up on and the hours you put in. However, jobs in this field are not necessarily enough to hire you full time.

You can also opt for test jobs on sites like Respondent .

This online job can earn you $400 per month if you perform just one test per day.

Apps to get paid today

Just open Google Play or App Store on your smartphone and search for instant payment apps. You will find many “work today and get paid today” apps that pay by Paypal, check, etc.

So, what are the legit apps that won’t get you scammed?

9. Earn money with Lifepoints

Lifepoints is available for Android and iOS smartphones. The app has a total of over 33,000 reviews and has earned at least 4.4 stars on both platforms.

You earn money by answering paid surveys that take between 5 and 20 minutes. Payment is made through PayPal and electronic gift cards.

10. Shopopop

Get paid today for shopping by signing up on the Shopopop app . The job consists of running errands and delivering groceries to customers.

Shopopop has a 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot and has a massive market share to get you a full-time job.

11. Work and get paid today through Upwork

The Upwork app for freelancers is a desktop app from one of the world’s leading work-from-home platforms.

It gives you access to around 150,000 customers.

You can earn quick money through the app through assignments like SEO, web development, and data entry .

There is no minimum payment and you can make daily withdrawals via debit card, mobile money services, PayPal, etc.

12. Try new apps and games

Downloading the featured apps and games can help you earn bonus points at Swagbucks .

In some cases, you may be able to receive points for downloading the app and setting up an account, but if you want to play games and earn cash, you typically need to achieve a certain level before getting the full reward.

While most offers don’t mandate a purchase, making in-app purchases can maximize your point earnings. In addition to that, this website that facilitates gift exchange also provides points for completing online surveys, making purchases, watching videos, and other small tasks.

Redemptions are as low as $1 for Amazon gift cards . Also, PayPal and other gift cards only require a balance of €5, which is lower than many competing sites.To obtain more information, consider reading our review of Swagbucks.

Earn money from home get paid today

The job market has seen a huge revolution, allowing people to work from home and earn a substantial living .

In addition to working from home, you can now run a lucrative business online without ever stepping into an office. Here are some perfect examples of these sources of income :

13. Get High Paying Jobs on TaskRabbit

If you are searching for “work and get paid today near me” opportunities, you can check out Taskrabbit to discover a variety of odd jobs available in your local area. Taskrabbit, a platform owned by IKEA, provides thousands of job options across different fields.

Once you create a Tasker profile, the service offers you jobs based on your skills, availability, and hourly rate. You can access the platform on your browser or through mobile apps.

Typical jobs on Taskrabbit include window cleaning, moving, furniture assembly, and organizing events. You keep 100% of your salary and all tips.

14. Deliver food for Deliveroo

Deliveroo is one of the leading food delivery platforms that allows users to order food and groceries online. The deliverers, who are in fact independent drivers, deliver the orders for a fee.

To start making money, you need a car, a bicycle or a scooter. You choose when and where to work, and for great service, you earn tips on top of base pay.

15. Work from home and start making money today by investing in DEGIRO

The stock market is a very profitable investment that allows you to earn thousands of dollars every day . However, stock trading is not as rosy as it seems; you can lose your savings quickly.

One can commence trading as a novice on a platform like DEGIRO by investing a small amount in fractional shares. Furthermore, the broker facilitates trading of cryptocurrencies as well.

16. Offer home storage

You can make money with home storage if you have an empty closet or extra space in your garage, unfinished basement, yard, or storage shed. 

This side business from home requires minimal work, as you only need to secure the space and collect the monthly rents.

Jestocke allows you to offer your unused space to people so that they can store their personal belongings and their vehicles on a monthly basis. The app collects payments from the tenant and automatically deposits the money into your account.

17. Rent your car

Letting others drive your car on days you don’t need it is an almost effortless way to earn money . Ouicar allows you to rent your vehicle to people who need to travel.

You can make enough money to cover your monthly car loan and insurance payments , while pocketing enough money to make a profit.

18. Donate Plasma

If you donate plasma regularly, you can earn up to €300 or more per month. Of course, your earning potential depends on your weight and the size of your donation.

Many centers also offer bonuses to new donors to help them get used to donating regularly and to help people with medical needs.

19. Transcribe audio and video documents

Transcription jobs are in high demand. You can also add subtitles to videos and offer translation services.

There are numerous platforms available for job searching. Typically, beginner-level positions do not mandate the use of specialized equipment such as a footswitch.

You can earn more if you have experience in the medical and legal field, as these niches are more challenging and pay better.

1. Which applications pay immediately?

To get paid immediately, find jobs on apps like Swagbucks, Mingle, and Upwork for freelancers.

Other mobile apps offering similar deals include Fiverr and Deliveroo.

How can I earn money online today?

Online jobs that are paid daily include freelance writing, data entry, product reviews, web development, and virtual assistance .

Payment is usually made via PayPal, direct deposit and gift cards.

3. How can I be paid the same day?

To get paid the same day, start by getting online jobs from sites like Upwork and fiverr.

Same-day paid jobs can be skilled or unskilled, with the potential for long-term commitment.

4. How much can I get paid today?

Depending on your skills, you can win anywhere from €10 to over €5,000.

For example, online surveys can earn you up to $50, while freelance sites can earn you up to $15,000 in less than 24 hours.

Conclusion on how to make money today

As you can see, there are multiple ways to get paid today through online or local side businesses.

The extra money can help you out of a difficult financial situation and make it easier for you to reach other financial goals.

If you’re wondering where to start, I recommend trying out a few different ideas from this list to find out what you can do, what you like to do, and what activities are earning you decent income.

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