3 Creative SMS Marketing Examples and Templates

Effective SMS marketing campaigns act as a powerful multiplier to your existing marketing campaigns.

You have not yet developed an SMS campaign? The SMS marketing examples below are the perfect starting point.

3 Creative SMS Marketing Examples and Templates
3 Creative SMS Marketing Examples and Templates

Advantage of SMS Marketing

Unlike emails which take an average of 48 hours to read, 90% of text messages are seen within 3 minutes. If SMS campaigns aren’t part of your overall marketing strategy, you’re missing out on important sales.

Suppose you are developing a text messaging strategy for your business. What will make your posts stand out from the rest? Like email, you’re competing for the attention of your potential customers and customers, along with all the other marketing campaigns they’ve signed up to after years online.

The odds are simply not in your favor. A creative message is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Creative SMS Marketing Examples

We present three effective SMS marketing campaigns to try with your own business.

1. Holidays and special occasions

It’s the anniversary of your registration (first name)! Get 20% off today with code ANNIVINSCRIPTION.

For e-commerce stores As with service providers, targeting special occasions is a good strategy – Ramadan, Labor Day, Eid al-Adha – whatever days work best for your audience.

In 2020 alone, SMS marketing has grown dramatically! Let yourself be carried away by this wave of growth.

Think about opportunities that are unique for each contact. Celebration of registrations, birthdays, dates of business creation, etc. Make your contacts feel special and noticed. These actions will build trust and keep your business top of mind.

2. Conversational language

Hey (name), have you seen those crazy upgrades? Here is the link (link).

Talk to people like people.

It seems like an obvious strategy, but it eludes many marketers. For what ? Even the savviest writers can prioritize intelligence over clarity. Let us illustrate this in the SMS marketing examples below.

feel smart

By leveraging targeted data organization, in conjunction with personality-appropriate vocabulary, an individual or entity can convert human resources into fungible currency. (link)

The sample text above is bloated, pretentious, and heavy on jargon. Many users will simply not understand what is being said, get frustrated, and leave your funnel for good.

To be clear…

With customer data and a personalized message, you can increase your sales faster. We’ll show you how (link).

This time, the SMS marketing example above is concise, clear, and user-friendly. It tells the audience precisely what they are going to receive. Send messages that feel as familiar to you as a friend’s messages.

3. How did they know? (The magic trick)

We heard you need some pro advice on (area of ​​interest). Take a look at this webinar (link).

People are captivated by magic tricks. What if you could create a messaging magic trick in your SMS marketing campaign? Using triggers can produce near-instant follow-ups and specific, interest-based offers.

The SMS marketing example above also uses merge fields to personalize these behavior-triggered content campaigns.

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