6 signs that you have reached the middle class

Not long ago, most people considered success a house, a white picket fence, two weeks of vacation, two kids, and the ability to send those kids off to college.

Today, the middle class is a dying breed, according to nearly every survey and statistic on the subject. Despite all the attention on this topic, defining “middle class” remains a challenge, because everyone wants to be in the middle regardless of income. Instead of dwelling on numbers, let’s take a look at the six lifestyle criteria that define middle-class status.

6 signs that you have reached the middle class
6 signs that you have reached the middle class

to remember

  • There is no official financial standard that defines the middle class, but some benchmarks seem to attest to this classification.
  • Having a home and a car, as well as being able to pay for your children’s education, are among these milestones.
  • It is important to be able to save enough money for retirement, as well as to be able to access health care for yourself and your family.
  • Having enough income to take your family on vacation is another criterion.

6 signs that you are middle class

Although there is no formal financial standard, the middle class, as defined by experts, is characterized by six financial aspirations that persist. We can consider them as landmarks. If you can identify each of these six points, chances are you are at least a member of the middle class:

1. Own your home

Owning a home is everyone’s dream. The transition from tenant status to owner status is synonymous with prosperity and success. Since average home prices vary so much from city to city, the possibility of achieving this goal varies greatly by geographic location.

2. Own a car

Owning a car allows you to move freely and avoid the limited schedules and tight spaces offered by public transportation, such as buses and subways. Again, the cost of cars varies widely, as does the type of car needed. For the driver, a used Renault will do. On the one hand, the new BMW means reaching this goal.

3. Higher education for children

Helping children get ahead in life is a primary goal for middle-class families. Paying for children’s university tuition can cost between a few tens of thousands of euros. The university or higher education institution that children attend has a significant impact on the price to be paid.

4. Retirement insurance

Retirement is a goal that almost everyone wants to achieve. It is a testament to success and rewards decades of hard work. Again, definitions make the difference. The amount of savings needed to support your later years will vary greatly depending on whether you’re considering a team of 10 for your villa in the south of France or a house in Grigny.

5. Medical coverage

Access to health care is an important goal for middle-class workers and their families. The high and escalating cost of Medicare and drugs makes health coverage increasingly necessary; Living without it can have dire financial consequences in the event of a serious illness or injury.

6. Family vacations

Family vacations are an essential part of the middle class. Vacations show that the family has disposable income and has been successful enough to take time off work and pursue their hobbies.

How to get there

Although middle-class status is difficult to achieve, some proactive steps can help turn that dream into a reality. budget is one of the most visible scales. Understanding where your money goes each month can help you determine the exact composition of the criteria you’re trying to reach. It can help you too Control your expenses : Will it be a Renault and not a BMW enough?

Planning is another critical step. Do the children go to a public university or a private university? Are scholarships an option? Some savvy families find money to attend college by participating in programs that can help families with the costs of sending a child to college.

Work is another requirement. second job or Secondary activity It can allow you to increase your income and achieve some of your goals. Making your money work is also an important component. Investing has created wealth for generations.


There is no official financial standard for determining the middle class. For most people, it has more to do with the standard of living—including owning a home, being able to afford higher education for your children, and having an income. Available enough for a family vacation.

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