20 Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Fathers

The best work-from-home jobs for fathers offer you the freedom to work from your residence and structure your workday according to your busy household schedule.

These jobs do not require your physical presence in an office or adherence to strict work hours. In fact, many of these positions can be carried out online or remotely from your home office.

At a time when an impending economic recession is being discussed, your primary focus should be on earning money immediately and supporting your family’s financial needs.

20 Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Fathers
20 Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Fathers

In addition to home-based work, certain roles, such as graphic design and social media management, can be subjects of study and learning, while for other positions, such as a delivery driver or dog walker, you can rely on your personal experience.

Take out your pen and paper, and jot down the jobs that resonate with you!

Top Work-from-Home Jobs for Dads

Balancing family needs as a stay-at-home dad can be challenging, which is why many fathers are seeking ways to make ends meet. Whether your goal is to earn €100 per day, €300 per day, or even €500 per day, there are numerous flexible side activities that you can engage in from home or during your available hours.

However, there are plenty of flexible side activities you can engage in from home or during your available hours that can provide you with a steady source of income while granting you the freedom to be present for your children.

1.Independent Writer

I used to believe that you needed a degree in literature or writing skills akin to Victor Hugo’s to secure work as a freelance writer. However, that’s far from the truth. You don’t even need to hold any certifications. What truly matters is knowing how to craft content that captures readers’ interest and leaves them craving more!
Becoming an independent writer is straightforward if you have a penchant for reading and writing. It goes without saying that you’re creative, possess strong grammar and spelling skills, and enjoy delving into diverse subjects. The content you produce should grip readers by the collar and make them ponder your message.

This shouldn’t be an issue if you can transform simple words into astounding stories. Businesses and entrepreneurs will pay for your writing expertise to educate, inform, or entertain their audience.

Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are excellent avenues to find your first freelance writing gig.

Even if you aim to set your own rates for this work, you might have to settle for what the employer offers when you’re starting out. However, as you gain more experience and build a portfolio, you can set your own rates.

Advantages: You can earn money through your writing. You can also work whenever and wherever you want as long as you submit the article on time.

Disadvantages: If you choose to freelance, you’re only working on a project basis. So, once the work is done, you’re back to hunting for another project, which can make your income unstable.

2.Virtual Assistant

The era where assistants needed to be physically present is a thing of the past.
As more businesses are launching online operations instead of physical stores, entrepreneurs, influencers, and brands have started hiring remote positions to cut startup costs. As a full-time stay-at-home parent, this is a golden opportunity for you to tap into this trend.

Never underestimate the value of virtual assistants. They indeed play a significant role in the smooth functioning of overall online business operations. Without them, business owners would have to dedicate time to growing revenue and handling daily administrative tasks, not the most efficient use of their time.

Beyond typical administrative tasks like answering emails and managing calendars, you may be expected to engage in client prospecting, client follow-ups, email subscriber growth, and coordinating business calls.

Depending on the tasks you undertake, there might be instances where you need to be online at the same time as your employer. This means that if your boss resides on the other side of the globe in a different time zone, you might need to be awake during your evenings.

Thankfully, there are numerous virtual assistant positions that grant you the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want since tasks aren’t bound by strict timing. So, if you have errands to run in the morning, you can start your work in the afternoon.

Advantages: If you work for an employer within a niche where you intend to start a business, you’ll learn the ins and outs of that service.

Disadvantages: Utilizing various technologies like Google Workspace, Asana, and Canva requires a learning curve. As a personal assistant, you’ll be using a range of platforms and programs, so it’s wise to get familiar with them to enhance your chances of being hired.

3.Starting Your Own Online Business

Launching an online business is like embarking on a journey of discovery. With good preparation and a bit of courage (and luck), you can find success and financial freedom in the vast ocean of the internet.
If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own business for years, now is the best time to do it.

Online platforms like Shopify allow tech novices to easily create a professional-quality website with just a few hundred euros. If you want to sell products, you don’t need to invest in and store stocks; you can have wholesalers hold the supplies for you.

Times have definitely changed. If you’re eager to start your own business but lack ideas on what to sell, here are some niches to consider:

  • Dropshipping
  • Customized Clothing
  • Coffee Commerce
  • Men’s Grooming Products
  • Essential Oils
  • Kitchen Supplies
  • Pet Products

Advantages: If you manage to grow your online venture, the money you earn can exceed what you would have earned working for someone else.

Disadvantages: Some businesses might require an initial investment with no guaranteed return.

Well-Paying Jobs for Stay-at-Home Dads
The more technical skills you possess, the better. With a bit of training, you can comfortably earn over €200 per day, which is roughly €60,000 per year.

Although these jobs may require specific knowledge, you can acquire these skills online or through courses to help you succeed.

4.Managing Rental Properties

Whether it’s a family rental or an Airbnb, investing in rental properties can be an appealing option for stay-at-home dads (or anyone else) seeking passive income.
In the case of rental properties, if you choose to be the manager, most tasks can be handled from your home, saving you the need to frequently be on-site.

For instance, if your tenants have complaints or questions, they can simply text or call you. If repairs or maintenance work is needed, you can research potential service providers, obtain quotes, and send them over.

This means you can effectively manage tasks without physically being present, allowing you to handle properties that may be at a considerable distance from your home.

However, there are several factors to consider:


  • Passive Income: Once set up properly, rental properties can provide a steady income stream without requiring daily work.
  • Property Appreciation: Over time, the value of your property may increase, allowing you to gain a return on investment upon selling.
  • Tax Benefits: Owning and managing rental property often comes with tax advantages.
  • Flexibility: Being a property manager offers a flexible schedule, which can be especially beneficial for stay-at-home parents.


  • Initial Costs: Purchasing a property requires significant capital or financing.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Rental properties need upkeep, and unexpected repairs can arise.
  • Tenant-Related Issues: Dealing with tenants can be challenging and time-consuming. From selecting potential renters to managing disputes or evictions, it’s not always easy to handle.
  • Market Risks: Real estate can appreciate, but it can also depreciate. Real estate markets can be volatile.
  • Lack of Liquidity: Unlike some investments, real estate isn’t a quickly sellable asset that can be converted to cash.
  • Learning Curve: To succeed, you need to understand the local real estate market, landlord-tenant laws, and property maintenance.

5.Web Developer

Web developers are in a strong position as their profession is thriving in the digital age. Some of these jobs allow them to earn while working remotely, from home!
You might wonder why web developers command high salaries. What makes their skills so important?

Well, nearly every business and brand, big or small, needs a website to make their mark in today’s commercial landscape. Moreover, they leave a lot of money on the table without an online presence.

Web developers can create websites tailored to these businesses’ needs and desires. The advantage is that you’re not limited to what a website template offers. A skilled web developer can make all the details you want possible.

A project a web developer can undertake is creating a website for a local restaurant. The developer then creates individual pages for menus, booking options, contact information, and an FAQ page.

Web developers aren’t confined to website design – they also handle web applications, bug fixes, data security, and website functionality.

Advantages: It’s a highly lucrative job when you build up your client list. Offering this service won’t be difficult as the demand is high.

Disadvantages: Web development requires technical skills. You’ll need to learn and update your coding skills.

6.Graphic Designer

Graphic designs are essential in the digital world. People dislike encountering walls of text when they read content. To make information less dull to comprehend, businesses employ images, videos, and graphics to make content more engaging.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, a graphic designer is enough to capture the essence of a brand.

If you possess the ability to create visually appealing graphics such as infographics, illustrations, and logos, you can easily earn €1,000 per week doing what you’re passionate about.

If you’re a beginner, try practicing on platforms like Canva. It’s an ideal platform to create simple yet stunning graphics.

However, it’s best to learn more advanced software like Photoshop and Illustrator, as these tools can accomplish things that beginner platforms can’t.

To help you embark on this journey, take graphic design courses on platforms like Udemy and Skillshare. But if you want to go the free route, YouTube offers numerous channels dedicated to teaching the basics.

Unlike most jobs on this list, graphic designers typically need to meet specific deadlines for their work. This is because their work often goes hand in hand with that of freelance writers.

So, if you’re adept at transforming an idea or inspiration into your own graphics, you can give this profession a try!

Advantages: The demand for graphics will remain high. You’ll never run out of potential clients.

Disadvantages: It takes time to practice and refine your skills. You can’t read a book on graphic design and expect to become an excellent graphic designer immediately.

7.Repairing Gadgets

For some reason or another, my electronic devices tend to malfunction after a few months, just when they’re no longer under warranty. It doesn’t make sense to throw them away and buy new ones when I can spend less than half the price to repair them.
I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation. That’s why fixing broken electronic devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, can be an interesting side gig.

Previously, it was impossible for consumers to repair damaged Apple products, but with Apple’s self-service repair store, you can now fix Apple devices by following the manual guide and using original parts.

This handy skill could even open doors to the maker economy and help you launch a brand centered around this skill set. You could create a YouTube channel with content focused on gadget repair or restoring old electronic devices.

There’s a demand for this niche, as many people turn to YouTube to see if they can fix their own damaged items before taking them to a repair shop.

Advantages: You know how to repair gadgets and can become the go-to person for repairs among your friends, family, and colleagues.

Disadvantages: Finding clients might be challenging in the beginning. But word-of-mouth can work in your favor if you consistently provide timely gadget repairs.


Getting good grades is a bit like getting a head start in life. Tell me, what parent wouldn’t want their child to get perfect grades in school and get into a prestigious university?
If you have a deep understanding of a particular subject that goes beyond basic information, tutoring is a hidden way to make money. Core subjects like math, science, French, and computer science are very popular for obvious reasons and can easily earn you $300 per day.

There are numerous platforms recruiting tutors to teach different age groups or education levels, as well as other websites that specialize in specific subjects.

For instance, Preply is ideal for language learning, while Superprof teaches a variety of subjects to students.

When it comes to schedule flexibility, you also need to consider the students. If you’re only available in the middle of the night, the tutoring platform might match you with a student in a different time zone.

Essentially, there are two ways to make money as a private tutor.

Firstly, you can independently launch a tutoring service. This means you’ll have to market your service yourself to find clients.

Secondly, you can join tutoring platforms and apply as a tutor.

I suggest joining online tutoring platforms and teaching as many students as possible. Once you’ve demonstrated your expertise, you can start your own tutoring service and charge premium rates.

Advantages: You’re teaching a subject you already know. You just need to refresh your knowledge.

Disadvantages: Teaching progress depends on the learning pace of your students. Patience is essential in this field.

Easy Jobs for Stay-at-Home Dads
Simple jobs are often associated with below-average pay, but they offer the flexibility you need to take care of your children.

These easy jobs are the ones you can do on the side when you have free time during the day or week. Even though they might be small gigs, they can make a meaningful contribution to your family’s income.

9.Gardening Jobs

You would be surprised by the number of homeowners who search on platforms like Leboncoin for someone to mow their lawn, trim hedges, and pull out the weeds invading their beloved flower beds. Whether they are busy with work or their physical condition prevents them from performing these tasks, they would be thrilled to hire a helping hand.
In addition to being paid in cash after each job, being outdoors and getting your hands dirty in the garden can be very therapeutic when you need a break from the kids.

This job requires very little training, and you don’t need to have a green thumb. However, of course, if you have landscaping experience, you can take on more significant projects and earn more.

If you’re really looking to enter this field, there are companies that can train you to become an expert in this area and will provide you with a certificate at the end of the program.

Here are some gardening job responsibilities that you should be prepared to take on:

  • Preparing flower beds
  • Applying fertilizers to plants
  • Trimming and cutting plants
  • Digging space for gardening
  • Raking leaves and cleaning pathways

Advantages: It’s a relaxing job as you focus on beautifying the garden for the homeowner.

Disadvantages: It’s a physical job that makes you sweat 100%. You’ll be exposed to the sun for long hours.


Translation software may translate individual words accurately, but when it comes to placing them in context, they often fail miserably. How many times have you seen shoddy translations that made no sense?
Would you trust translation apps to translate your legal documents? Probably not.

As long as machines aren’t capable of properly translating the nuances of different languages, humans will continue to be an integral part of translation services.

Important documents like legal contracts and medical records need careful translation to ensure accuracy. If you’re bilingual or multilingual, translation is a natural fit.

Professional translators are well-compensated and often have flexible schedules that allow them to work from home. To secure more translation jobs, you’ll need to prove your abilities by passing tests administered by the company. Your translations must be flawless, as accuracy cannot be compromised in this field.

A translator’s career path might lead you to establish your own translation business. However, it’s advisable to gain experience by being employed before launching your own service. You can start by applying as a freelance translator with translation agencies or taking on occasional projects for clients in need of ad hoc translation work.

Advantages: You get paid to translate words in a language you’re proficient in.

Disadvantages: The company you work for generally sets the rates, which could mean lower pay.

11.Delivery Driver

One of the most flexible and popular jobs on this list is earning money by delivering items. The work is abundant, and you can drive on your own schedule.
Remember that delivery drivers don’t just deliver food. They can also deliver furniture, bulk packages, and groceries. There are plenty of options you can explore in this field.

The primary responsibilities of a delivery driver are to be on time and deliver items safely. But that’s easier said than done. Delivery drivers must contend with traffic and delays from the establishments themselves.

Most companies in this sector ensure that you earn more than the minimum wage. Take Amazon, for example. Its average hourly wage is €20. Drivers make around €23 per hour. It’s an excellent side gig to try out and see if it suits you.

Advantages: Flexible schedules that allow you to earn extra money whenever you’re available for deliveries.

Disadvantages: It’s a competitive side gig. You need to be quick in accepting orders/requests, especially when driving for a popular app.

Best Evening Jobs for Fathers
If you can only work in the evening, I have a list of jobs for you, night owls! It’s perfect for dads who are busy during the day and still have the energy to work during the night.

12.Social Media Manager

Instead of spending your free time scrolling through social media, why not work as a social media manager and get paid by businesses?
Chances are, you already know how social media platforms work. All you need to learn is who your employer’s audience is and what motivates them to engage with posts.

The role of a social media manager may seem straightforward, but it plays a crucial role in a company’s growth.

A local shop might have only a physical store and no online presence. You can offer your services to help them expand their brand’s reach to a larger audience.

You’ll use your skills to craft catchy headlines and descriptions. Collaborate with influencers to boost brand visibility and learn how to use ads on different social media platforms to target their market effectively.

Advantages: It’s a fun job if you enjoy social media and online marketing.

Disadvantages: You need to stay updated on trends. You don’t want to lag behind on platform updates and news.

13.Working with Uber Eats or Deliveroo

Deliveroo and Uber Eats are proven ways to earn money during your free time. Some say it remains unbeaten when it comes to being a driver due to its demand and flexibility. After all, we all need to eat, and companies like Uber and Deliveroo are multinational giants.
With Deliveroo, you can work whenever you want or if you have free time during the day. You can do it right after your household chores in the evening. Reserve a few hours for making deliveries.

To make your time worthwhile, Uber states that the busiest period is dinnertime. It usually starts at 5 PM and ends around 9:30 PM.

Unlike other delivery apps, you don’t need to pre-schedule if you want to work. This means that if you find yourself in a situation where you need money immediately, you can simply get into your car, open the app, and start earning.

Advantages: There are plenty of delivery jobs to keep you busy, especially if you live in a big city.

Disadvantages: As you accept new contracts, you’ll be using your car more. Frequent wear and tear on your car will result in higher repair costs.

14.Working as a Real Estate Agent

You can work as a real estate agent even if you’re only available in the evenings! In fact, evenings are when real estate agents are the busiest. Clients often work during the day and look for houses to buy or rent when they’re done with work.

You can learn a lot about the industry by checking out YouTube. Thanks to current online resources, almost anyone can learn how to become a real estate agent at their own pace.

It’s no secret – the profession of a real estate agent is lucrative, but it requires patience on your part. And closing deals isn’t as frequent as you might wish for.

Advantages: Unlimited income potential. There’s no cap on the amount you can earn in this field.

Disadvantages: In this profession, there are guaranteed slow days where you won’t make a sale for a month or two.

Best Weekend Jobs for Stay-at-Home Dads
If you enjoy meeting people and expanding your network, you can’t overlook these jobs. The work is very fulfilling and deserves your time and effort. And the best part is that you can even do it from home. You can do it during the weekends as well.

15.Resell Items

You don’t need an initial capital to get into reselling, as you can start by going through your own belongings and selling them.
Look for slightly used clothing, household appliances, and gadgets. You can even make money from your power tools or toys that your kids no longer play with! Sell them and use the money you’ve earned to purchase other items for resale.

Browse through platforms like Leboncoin, thrift stores, and garage sales to find quality products at unbeatable prices. When reselling them, use platforms such as Leboncoin, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay to quickly find buyers.

It’s incredibly satisfying to buy an item at a low price and make a profit from it.

Pros: Anything can be sold.

Cons: You need to have an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen eye to spot the potential of a product you want to resell.

16.Online Personal Trainer

Personal training can now be conducted online. It’s astonishing to observe how the internet has enabled individuals to train and coach themselves without the need for face-to-face interaction.
Since you won’t be physically present with your client at the gym, it’s essential to be precise and clear in your workout programs.

Educating your clients about nutrition, diet, and exercise is a foundational task that you must be knowledgeable about before becoming a personal trainer.

To establish your presence, consider creating a personal fitness website and crafting informative blog articles about health and fitness for your potential clients.

Moreover, maintaining a presence on social media platforms can assist you in promoting your services. You could even design complimentary training programs for potential clients, allowing them to get a preview of what to expect when they join your program.

To thrive as an online personal trainer, regular communication with your clients is crucial. Keep your clients updated on their progress and tailor their workout routines accordingly.

Pros: You can manage your clients remotely. During your free time, you can focus on other income-generating opportunities in this field, such as creating content or digital products.

Cons: Regular calls are necessary. You need to motivate your clients and remind them to adhere to their diet and workout regimen.

Fun Jobs for Stay-at-Home Dads

A fun job allows you to express your creative side! It’s also a role where you can talk about your interests, your passion, and the things you love.

Fortunately, the online world has given us the opportunity to monetize these things, which makes us excited about venturing into these jobs.

17.Start a YouTube Channel

There’s a niche for everything on YouTube. If you think no one would be interested in what you do, consider the platform’s 2 billion users.
What’s exciting about starting a channel is producing content you enjoy. Initially, it might be a cost-effective hobby, but as you grow your channel and gain loyal subscribers, you can progress to the next step and begin monetizing your channel.

Monetization strategies such as displaying ads, creating sponsored content, and selling your own products are just a few ways to earn money through your channel.

Here are some tips:

→ Go the Extra Mile
When creating videos, don’t settle for mediocre work. Exceed what your subscribers expect from you. Would you want to watch a video where it’s clear the creator didn’t put effort into making it?

→ Delegate
Don’t embark on this journey alone. You can’t do everything yourself. Have a team to help brainstorm and circulate ideas.

→ Be Data-Conscious
Numbers don’t lie. Data is the only way to objectively know what works and what doesn’t.

If you stick around long enough and persist in creating quality content, the monetization of your channel, whether through ads or sponsorships, will eventually happen.

Pros: You can entertain, educate, and inspire people from around the world.

Cons: It will take time before you establish a name for yourself and start earning your first $100 through your channel.

18.Sports Referee

You haven’t considered this, have you? This job is perfect for any father who’s an avid fan of football or any other sport.
But we know that just because you’re passionate about football doesn’t mean you know all the technical aspects of the game, which is crucial for a referee position.

However, passion is quite valuable. It will motivate you to learn the guidelines and rules of the sport. Don’t think of it as a prerequisite for getting the job. Consider it a way to delve deeper into the sport you love!

To become a referee, you’ll need to undergo specific training. Some committees might also require certifications. So, it’s best to prepare these elements before pursuing this profession.

Pros: It’s a joy to play an active role in a sport you love.

Cons: You’ll need to invest time in learning the rules down to the smallest details.


You might have started dabbling in photography already. Life might have led you in different directions. This is often the case for individuals who wanted to pursue photography on the side.
If that photography passion still burns within you, pick up that hobby again and start making money from it!

Of course, you’ll need to shake off the rust and practice your photography skills.

If you have a professional photographer friend, ask if you can shadow them while they work with a client. Let them know you’re just looking to practice. You’ll take care of your own food and transportation.

You can also ask some of your friends to be your models. It’s a fun activity to try while practicing your angles, lighting, and post-production techniques.

Once you’ve gained confidence in your photos, it’s time to dive into business! Start letting your family, friends, and colleagues know that you’re now offering photography services at a friendly family rate.

Pros: When you’re taking photos at events, your expenses are usually covered by the client who hired you.

Cons: Having a portfolio is essential. So, you might need to work for free initially to build up your portfolio.

20.Dog Walker

Doesn’t it break your heart to know that your furry friends don’t get to go out and play when their owners are busy with work? Here’s a chance to change that.
Let’s focus on pet walking apps like Yoopies!

Yoopies is an app for pet owners, particularly for dogs and cats. It’s a platform where you can take care of dogs as a side job!

The services offered go beyond just walking; you can also do in-home pet sitting, staying overnight at the client’s place to take care of their pets. There’s also pet boarding where you host a pet and let them stay at your place.

Pros: You get paid to exercise while walking dogs.

Cons: You’ll need to market yourself to build up your client list.


As fathers continue to seek ways to actively engage in their children’s lives without compromising their careers, the realm of work-from-home opportunities becomes increasingly appealing. The 20 Best Work-From-Home Jobs For Fathers showcased in this article offer a diverse range of options, enabling fathers to contribute to their families’ financial well-being while cherishing the moments that truly matter. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a creative artist, or a business-savvy individual, there’s a remote job that aligns with your skills and aspirations. Embrace the power of remote work and shape a future where both your professional and personal worlds thrive.


Can fathers truly balance work and family while working from home?

Absolutely! Working from home provides fathers with the flexibility to manage their time effectively, allowing them to be present for their families while fulfilling their professional responsibilities.

How can I ensure my productivity while working remotely?

Creating a designated workspace, setting a routine, and minimizing distractions are key to maintaining productivity while working from home.

Are work-from-home jobs as financially rewarding as traditional office jobs?

Yes, many work-from-home jobs offer competitive compensation, and some even surpass traditional office job salaries due to reduced overhead costs for employers.

What industries offer the best remote job opportunities for fathers?

Tech, marketing, e-commerce, education, and consulting are among the industries that offer abundant and diverse remote job opportunities for fathers.

Can I transition from my current office job to a remote position?

Absolutely. Many companies are embracing remote work arrangements, allowing employees to transition their existing roles to remote positions.

How can I manage time effectively between work and family commitments?

Prioritizing tasks, setting clear boundaries, and involving your family in creating a schedule can help you strike a healthy balance between work and family life.

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